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Computact is Marchís ZX81 Program
Ah, spring time. As winter melts away, the weather goes haywire and itís time to enjoy the bouts of sunshine, rain and the occasional thunderstorm of hail. Perhaps itís fitting that in the middle of this meteorological mayhem that Computact came back to life…
Posted Mar 22, 2016 by Steven 7 min read

March's Program: The Ball Redux
For March's program of the month, I drew inspiration from one of my older demoís, The Ball. Like many young kids from the early eighties using BASIC, I took a stab at animating a bouncing ball. It is a a relatively easy program to write depending on how complex you want to make the math…
Posted Mar 29, 2014 by Steven 4 min read

March's Program: Radier V
In 1984, I moved that Summer from Italy back to the US. As I was Flipping through my old printouts, I ran across one that I had marked as the last program I completed In Italy. How cool is that? Seeing this I just had to make Raider V my program of the month for March. I was a big fan of mechanized …
Posted Mar 15, 2013 by Steven 3 min read

March's Program: T.W.M.
T.W.M. is March's program of the month. It is a simple animation that tries to mimic a computer's destruction of its defined target. February was actually pretty prolific for me as I transcribed this and another program, as well as updated a number of older programs using MCODER…
Posted Mar 05, 2012 by Steven 2 min read