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Celebrating Programming!

Welcome to my ZX81 Computer Site! I'm continuing to celebrate ZX81 programming by showcasing each month an original program from the eighties.

Quickly Avoid the Spiders in the ZX81 Game Tarantula

Tarantula, ZX81 screen shot, by Steven Reid, 1984Tarantula, August’s program of the month, was part of a pair of games that made me think I was a game developer. At the age of fourteen, I didn’t let problems like the lack of a distribution channel tarnish my dreams. Although I didn’t make it into gaming, it’s still fun to look back on what could have been.

Bringing an Old ZX81 Sketch to Life with BASIC Is Absolutely Crazy

ZX81 screen shot, Star Wars by Steven Reid, 2017Foreign to many developers today, I have notepad and binder full of ideas from my ZX81 days. The notepad contains early program snippets. In contrast, I have sketches and designs crammed into a binder. Flipping through it, I landed on a Star Wars sketch that became the basis for this month’s program.