Type: ZX81, Home/Office
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Synopsis: A word processor for the ZX81 that prints lowercase letters to the printer!
Operation: I found a great routine in a great book, that I no longer have, that modified the LPRINT routine to print more detailed characters. So, being resourceful and Summer, I expanded on the idea and wrote this program!

Tabular allows you to enter in four pages of text that you can edit, delete, save, etc. But best of all, you can print it! The routine uses inverse letters as capitals, and inverse symbols as special characters. I've included printouts of the manual using Tabular to show you how it works. Read it first, since you need to reserve memory for this program to work.

The program was originally called Micro-Processor, thus the MP used for the name. Tabular is probably not accurate either, but it's what I used and the name stuck!

There are two versions of MP included. MP.P is Tabular with an empty variable stack. MPMAN.P was saved with the manual in memory.

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22 October 1998