Type: ZX81, Graphic Game
Archive: jo.zip
Listing: jo_list.html
Synopsis: Another classic arcade game! Look out for the hand!
Operation: Another arcade game scaled down to the ZX81. There are only two winged warriors, and only three platforms. The hand will grab you if you get too close to the lava at the bottom -- I'm not saying which side! Use 'Z' to go left, 'X' to go right, and 'M' to flap your wings and go up. Unless you're on a platform, you'll fly downward.

Again, this game needs some fixing up. If you play it on a ZX81, it is really slow! I swap between FAST and SLOW mode to speed it up a bit. If you play it on a turbo emulator, it is really quite decent! However, some of the check routines must be off, since sometimes you'll kill or be killed without being near another warrior!

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24 October 1998