Type: ZX81, Graphic Game
Archive: fw.zip
Listing: fw_list.html
Synopsis: Avoid on-comming cars in this night time driving game.
Operation: This game is relatively easy to play. Just dodge the on-comming car's tail lights using the "Z" and "." keys. Each round starts with the starting line lights, and you're off! The road curves to add interest. Each round finished awards you from 500 to 1000 points.

I really like this game! It's one of the later ones before I became a C-64 owner. It's loosely based on the Atari game Night Driver. I modified this slightly from the original to avoid overwriting part of the curved track when the car starts too far over. Again, fresh eyes always see ways to improve an old program! I see numerous places I could have shrunk the code. Well, enjoy!

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15 November 1998