Encoding Update

Well, encoding issue is fixed. Sort of…

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Iíve paused updating this site to focus instead on my primary domain over at https://www.reids4fun.com. You can still read what crazy program Iíve published this month. Even better, read a few other articles!

ProgrammingWell, encoding issue is fixed. Sort of. After digging around I found that the routines in my CMS are forcing the use of ISO-8859-1 which makes it difficult to easily convert to UTF-8. It isn't impossible, but it isn't what I want to work on right now. I'm saving that exercise for another day.

Instead, I decided do what any quick and dirty programmer does. I just changed the encoding on the template. It is a simple solution that is technically correct, even if a bit limiting should I want to use those other characters. It works for now, though, and I can get back to other things ó like fixing the rest of the template and playing with some other Perl frameworks.

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